Providing a quality healthcare service and giving our members control over their health is paramount at all Power World gyms. We help members prevent and overcome degenerative diseases, achieve their optimum fitness goals, realise personal lifestyle development objectives and rehabilitate them into good health. This is accomplished by designing exercise programs which are effective, efficient and motivational. All of these healthcare services are being delivered by a team of well trained, committed and passionate professionals, whilst being managed and guided by some of the most qualified and respected experts of the healthcare and fitness industry


To Empower the People in the Emerging / Frontier Nations, who are at the bottom of the pyramid, to realize their Best Life.


To Extend Lives, Restore Good Health and Enhance Physical Fitness Levels of members so as to nurture them to have a Devoted Heart, a Purposeful Soul and a Courageous Mind.


“It has always been my dream and lifelong passion to empower people to live their lives to the fullest and enjoy their best life each day.
This is why I established POWER WORLD in 1994 with a clear focus to bring our fitness centres into your neighbourhood.
Power World is more than just an ideal fitness environment with a full complement of state-of-the-art world-class gym equipment providing wide spaces for free movement. Power World is all about you realising your fitness goal.
Our Certified Fitness Professionals provide personalised service to each member to prepare tailor-made fitness schedules that efficiently and effectively achieve pre-determined fitness objectives.
Our goal is to ensure you reach yours by enabling professional athletes, athletes aspiring to become professionals as well as sportsmen and sportswomen to optimise performance by building targeted muscle groups specific to their chosen field of activity or achieving precise cardio-vascular, body-mass index together with wellness objectives.
Today, I extend my personal invitation to come and experience Power World for yourself. Let us begin a wonderful new journey, together.
I do look forward to the day that you will join many others of our Power World Family who confidently say, ‘This is My Best Life’!”



Talavou Alailima pioneered the Sri Lankan fitness industry with his chain of “Power World” Fitness Centres (1994), “Edge” Sports Nutrition Supplements (2005), and “Lion Warrior” Sports High performance program (2008). He is a US qualified Strength Training and Sports Nutrition Consultant, educated at Franklin & Marshall College in Pennsylvania USA, and holds a Master of Sports Management degree from the IE Business School in Madrid, Spain. In 2009, he contributed substantially to the “Manual of Sports Medicine” published by the Colombo Medical Faculty. He is an NCAA All American Athlete, South Asian Games Medallist, and the former Sri Lanka record holder for Shot Putt and Discus events.
He was the Sports Nutrition and Strength training consultant for many national level clubs, school teams and champion athletes for the past 22 years. As a member of the Sri Lanka National Sports Council, and the founder and President of the Association of National Track and Field Athletes (ANTFA), he has influenced sports and impacted fitness in Sri Lanka in a unique and profound manner.
Talavou is accepted and known as one of the most knowledgeable, experienced and committed individuals on performance nutrition, sports high performance, exercise, fitness andoverall well-being in the country.As a visionary and the pioneers of the fitness industry, his goal is to serve many nations, empowering individuals and communities to achieve their optimum fitness goals and to enjoy their best life each day.